Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, and More

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is the head of the executive branch of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is Yogi Adityanath. It is the largest state in India. UP is larger than many other countries around the world by population. It is one of the most important information for all citizens and people of Uttar Pradesh to have contact details of UP Chief Minister. A good number of people want to contact their CM for suggestions, feedback, irregularities, complaints, best compliments, best wishes, and much more.

In this post, we have provided details on phone number, email ID, office address, home address, official address and much more. So, let’s see!

Yogi Adityanath
Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, and More

Important Addresses of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister

  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Home Address: Not available right now
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office Address: Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan, Lucknow-226001, Uttar Pradesh
  • UP CM Residence Address: Not available right now

Important Contact Numbers of UP Chief Minister

  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Phone Number: +91-522-2239296,
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Telephone Number: +91-522-2236181
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Fax Number: +91-522-2239234
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mobile Number: +919013180048
  • UP Chief Minister Principal Secretary Office Phone Number: 2237135, 2238219
  • UP CM WhatsApp Number: Not Available
  • UP CM Complaint Email ID: cmup@nic.in
  • UP CM Official Email ID: cmup@nic.in
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Official Website: http://upcmo.up.nic.in/

Social Media Presence of UP Chief Minister

  • UP Chief Minister Facebook Page / Account: https://www.facebook.com/cmouttarpradesh/
  • UP Chief Minister Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/cmofficeup?lang=en
  • UP Chief Minister Google Plus Account: Not Available

About Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is the chief of the executive branch of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. He/She enjoys the high security, separate office, official residence, special treatments, and much more facilities. The current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is Shri Yogi Adityanath, one of the most controversial BJP leaders in India.

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Article Title: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, and More
Article last re-published on March 18, 2017.

32 Replies to “Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, and More”

  1. biggest state – youngest chief minister – sri ram bhakt – a great slap on pseudo secularists – real hindutwa vaadi always treats all alike irrespect of caste and religion – Hoping rama devalayam finishes in your tenure becomes one of the worlds most visiting aadhyaatmic places on the banks of river sarayu. following our email letter pages and by tapal also. great grand cheers and aplouds to you on taking seat – lord ganesh be in front and sri anjaneyam is back – ramabhaktaas surround you.

  2. Respected Yogi Ji,
    My heartiest congratulations for becoming CM of Uttar Pradesh.
    I just want to draw your attention that few days back few of Money Laundering / Ponzi Schemes were unearthed by STF of Social Trade & Webwork, Noida doing a fraud of 3700 Crores.
    A similar company in the name of Uttam Deals is collecting money from poor people and may plan a big fraud of similar nature.
    In India, scams are caught at final stage looting crores of poor people.
    Believing that you are against corruption, I would request you to put an enquiry against the working of Uttam Deals, Noida .
    Thanks & Regards,
    SP Arora

  3. Reverend Yogi ji

    Sub: Education Vs Loot in Private Schools like DPS


    Sir, your kind-self is requested to please initiate to check and stop the commercialisation of School education. DPS society run from Noida (owned by senior Congress leaders) have made the education a profit making venture. Just for the DPS brand name parents are being looted. Fee structure is beyond the affordability of common man. Every city has a fancy DPS and charging exorbitant fees without any guarantee of quality education, students still have to join tuitions to pass the exams. Schools get prime location land at subsidized price with commitment for non profit making institution. Please look into this matter and take suitable steps against such institutions before the commencement of new session 2017-18.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Jai Hind

  4. Dear chief minister sir.
    Myself Rohit Pandey, first congretulations to become chif minister of Uttar Pradesh,and sir u r ideal for me also.i have much hope from u.
    Sir I would like to bring in your notice that my wife have qualified btc training and tet both with around 70.4 per ,she is trying to get job In u p primary school as assistant teacher but due to some changes every year she got rejected . This year also she filled form from Bhadohi district bcz we r basically from there but due to other districts entry she didn’t selected .She is very demoted.i head sir about u ,that u are a supueb human being.pls sir help of us in this matter.when always district first then why this time it is not happening like that.
    Sir I am waiting for ur reply.i have more aspection from u,if any thing I have wrote wrong pls apologize me.

  5. First of heartiest congratulations !
    My father (75) & aunty (69) have been beaten brutally by two young people lokesh Garg& kunal Garg, along with their driver , no one came to our rescue, the police complaint has been diluted by local police station,noida phase -2.
    Police has tried to hush up the case. They have
    booked culprits under simple sections.
    We are living under constant threat.
    Media has covered this case where as attitude of police remains questionable.
    Please help us ,my father and mom are under mental trauma while they are recovering from physical injuries .
    Please note my father has had an open heart surgery two times and is a insulin dependent patient ..He might not be able to survive this mental trauma.
    here in UP police only helps people with money power.
    my parents have been beaten up by 3 people.
    These 3 people are moving Scot free.
    Seek your immediate attention.
    jai Hind
    Jai Shri Ram
    Best regards
    Pooja Chhibber

  6. Very hopeful law and order will improve in UP with a saintly personality Aditya Nath jee becoming as CM.
    A senior citizen thrashing case was in news very recently but police has given false reply to media to close the matter.
    We want police to address my family and we have some questions which we want to ask them .
    Let there be a vedio graphy.
    If it’s done picture will be very clear before CM office and a case might be initiated against the police as well since they didn’t take the matter ..may be they are under some influence.
    CCTV footage is available and witness available.
    Expect CM office to help us immediately.
    Jai Hind
    Pooja Chhibber

  7. We are 10000 members of Amrapali Grp Housing Builders in NOIDA (UP) This Builder is a CHEAT and has been REFUSING to finish 10000 flats anf give possessions for last 7 years Inspite of having taken 95% payments in 2008 . Want to Request our Chief Minister Syt Adityanath Yogi ji to take this Builder of AMRAPALI group to task and help us get our flats back urgently . we all voted for BJP in Noida (UP) Kindly reply

  8. श्रीमान योगी आदित्यनाथ जी आपको प्रणाम
    सर में जनरल कास्ट से बिलोंग करता हु सर जहां आज पूरा देश आरक्षण की आग में जल रहा है जिन्हें स्टेट में आरक्षण है वो सेंटर में आरक्षण की मांग कर रहे है
    सर हमे आरक्षण नहीं चाहिए श्रीमान आप सिर्फ जनरल कैटेगरी की आयु बढ़ा दीजिये
    सर जनरल कैटेगरी में होने के कारन मुझे यूपी कांस्टेबल की भर्ती का सिर्फ एक चांस मिला मेरी जन्मतिथि 19 जून 1991 है,और जो चान्स मिला वहा इतना भ्रष्टाचार हुआ की जिसमे सभी यादव और एटा मैनपुरी से अभियार्थी भर लिए गए और बहुत भ्रष्टाचार हुआ जिस से हमारा सपना चकना चूर हो गया’ सर यूपी कांस्टेबल की आयु 22 साल है कृपया इसको बढ़ा कर 28 वर्ष कर दीजिए में आपका अति आभारी रहुगा और पिछली सरकार के काल में भ्रस्टाचार के शिकार हुए सभी जनरल अभियार्थी आपको दुआ देंगे
    सर जनरल के लिए एक तो कॉम्पटीशन बहुत ज्यादा है और ऊपर से उनकी आयु इतनी कम है की जब तक वो कुछ समझ पाता है तब तक वो ओवर ऐज हो जाता है
    जबकि ओबीसी एस सी वालो के लिए कॉम्पटीशन तो बहुत कम है ही और उनकी ऐज भी बहुत ज्यादा है ये तो बिलकुल उल्टा है सर
    , इतने अधिक कॉम्पटीशन के होने के कारन जनरल की ऐज ज्यादा होनी चाहिए ,योगी सर जी कृपया मेरी इस विनती पर विचार जरूर करना हमे आरक्षण नही चाहिए सर हमे तो बस थोड़ी सी उम्र दे दीजिये ताकि हम आरक्षण की मार सह कर भी नोकरी के लिए संघर्ष कर सके
    एक स्वर्ण छात्र और आपका भक्त

  9. Greater noida authority deny court judgement and demanding money for the plot which is already alloted but they are not giving possesion.

  10. Sir Yogi ji ,
    Pvt school education mafia is charging admisin fee per child from Rs5000/- to 10000/-which is too much for middle class common man.Kindly fix and put a cap on admission and monthly fee(Classwise) from class 1to 12 to all pvt school.
    many thanks and regards,

  11. Cm sir yogi ji
    My self sunil singh from chitrakot (bundelkhand) doing mba from aktu university lucknow. Sir some times before i received a mail from a frim for a job they demond 2000 rupees for security and i depoist ed money they again demond 2000 for training and asure me that they will give me a job in tata moters lmtd i deposited money again. Now they order me to go Barelli for training i went there but they demond again 4000 for logging & fooding i have not enough money for payment so i asked him to return my money but they are insulting me and finaly i came back to home , my parents advise me to complain in police station but my other good wisher sugested that police will also want money and they run u from here to there so i can not courage to complain against them. Now the time is change so we hopeful to stop this type of cheating so that our other brotherhod safe from cheating.. thanks a lot

    1. Honourable CM ADITYANATHJi
      We pray God may shower u with strength to fulfill this responsibility and become an example.we 21000 allotees of YEIDA scheme 2009 are not getting our plots due in 2013 we request you to intervene in the matter and help us to get possession of our dream plots we have deposited with Authority our hard earned money and suffering. Harj inder and others
      Hari Om

  12. NAMASTY C.M SIR.I AM FROM AGRA SIR I HAVE TO 4 mail to modi sir also , sir I want to sya that ,there is a big wrong in 72825, 29000v vacancy some people are using .sc cirtifates for doning job,please sir stop this as a c.m.

  13. Kudos to the Chief Minister for closing the illegal slaughter houses & meat shops. However, as these establishments cater to middle class & lower middle class muslims as employers,employees & customers, it is important make it clear why these establishments are closed.

    The UP government should point out the reasons for closing them in Hindi & Urdu print media, radio & news channels. The public should know how & why these establishments were running illegally for so long & who owned them .

    The govt. should also make the process of obtaining licenses for them transparent, give it wide publicity in Hindi & Urdu print media.

    This is important at this time, as we do not want the Muslim middle class to look at the action as anti -Muslim by a Hindu Chief Minister.

  14. respected CM aditya nath yogi ji
    first of all warm congratulations for being new chief minister of the biggest state sir ji we are facing since last several years a severe problem of fees hike of private school specially in lucknow which is on very higher side and is being very difficult to bear it even we r cutting down other urgent and neccessary domestic expenses but still the same is not being affordeble however i had written towards the same to privious govt but nothing could be done hereby your kindself is humbly requested to do something towards this so that we could manage other expenses as fees is hiking every year pls pls pls pls sir kindly cut down the same we will highly obliged for ever. thanking your goodsel f in anticipation. jai jhaharvir goga ji maharaj ki jai jai baba gorakhnath maharaj ki jai

  15. Greetings of the to CM sir

    Sir I live in Gr. Noida I want make an appeal and hope for action. The private school fees, their intricacy about their uniform and books which are five time costlier than any other school. and the situation goes worse when every year new books are introduced earlier one becomes”RADDI”. which is dangerous for environment.
    Please do something to remove this.

    Sincerely yours

    Prof. M Yaseen Khan
    Asst. Professor

  16. Honourable CM Adityanath Yogi ji
    You are a very hopeful person . In only 5-6 days you turn the map of UP . This is a great thing which you do for girls . None of the past CM do this what you do for the people of UP . You provide a great security to girls that is the utmost thing everybody’s liking .
    Please do something for students please save them from abundant fees and please make this UP clean and green and pollution free by boycott of plastic bags . Thank you so much for being a inspiration for everybody .

  17. Honorable Sir,

    I had been allotted a Flat No. 14, Ground Floor, Tower A-1, GH-8 under scheme 001/310 in Ghaziabad as per the scheme initiated by the U.P. government.

    The builder company i.e. Crossings Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. had issued us a letter CIPL/LIG/157 dated 29/02/2016 intimating that the flat prices have been re-evaluated by Rs. 7,25,375/- which is against the charges levied in the prospectus issued by the U.P. government.

    The issue had been escalated to Officials of Ghaziabad Development Authority along with then CM Mr. Akhilesh Yadav on his official mail id i.e. cmup@nic.in but unfortunately all in vain.

    This seems to be a scam by then govt. and the builder.

    So I am writing this to please issue your kind directions so that the prices should be charged as per the prospectus.

  18. Chief Minister
    Uttar Pradesh

    Sub: UP ordinance to regulate private school fees


    Such ordinance passed by the UP government shall help middle class and poor people to get cheaper education. You know that schools in UP are growing as mushrooms in residential areas, creation nuisance in the morning and the afternoon as parents and tempo come to school to take their wards.

    If school is placed at unauthorised place, the allowed fees by the government should be reduced by 50%, so that the management can shift their school to authorised places in the society without violating the master plan.


  19. Respected C.M. Yogi Adityanath Ji

    Sir our main problem is electricity ,drainage, roads in sai upvan society old haibatpur village Dadri Greater Noida West electricity department not provide transformer and connection they want bribe road conditions are very bad we have no drainage system sir electricity condition is very bad so many holes in the roads and some unwanted
    gunda element occupied the road conditions are very bad and situation is critical we live like as an animals problem is more bad in rainy season please take some action road and drainage are pass in only paper work all sir please take some hard action.

    Aakash Bhardwaj

    Aakash Bhardwaj

  20. Respected cm sir
    First of all my heartiest congratulations to you for becoming cm of up.
    I am a big fan of yours. The way you are completing tasks day by day, specially I and the whole citizens of the state are Happy and surprised that how can a cm perform his duties in such a fast manner.
    So keep doing your jobs perfectly.
    We all are with you.
    Thank you.

  21. Dear Adityanath Ji

    Hare Krishna! Dandvat Pranaams.

    My husband is probably the youngest disciples of ISKCON Founder Acharya His Divine Grace, 1008, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

    As devotees of Lord Krishna, we are happy to see that a Vaisnava has taken the responsibility for 22 crore people and we would be honoured and privileged to assist you in this herculean task to bring back Ram Rajjak in Bharat Varsha.

    We arrived in India on the 14th of March and leaving on the 11th of April. If we could meet Your Honourable Grace, if you happen to be in Delhi this week, we would be very happy to be at your service.

    It is our goal to reestablish Varnasrama Dharma as per instruction of Srila Prabhupada and we feel that this can be achieved very soon, by your able management.

    We would like to further discuss our vision and plans in detail with you at your earliest convenience.

    Yours faithfully,
    Srimati Krsnapriya Krsnapremavati devi dasi BCS &
    Sriman Karanodakasayi Visnu Dasa Adhikari ACBSP
    AKA Manmohan Gupta, M.A.(Oxon)

  22. Sir, My son Mr. Mayur Agrawal applied passport on 1/4/17 ref no. 17-0004963266 as normal. He is appointed in Hong Kong in footwear co and they want his passport in this month. Passport office give date 21/4/17 for verification to my son.
    Sir I requested to please help me to give necessary instrucion to Passport office for issue passport on urgent basis otherwise his offer is cancelled by Hong Kong co.

  23. Sir, My father permanent servant in Uttar Pradesh police in telecom section. He was head radio operator and died year 2009 I was applied Assistant operator in 2012 but officers of UPP telecom department is not doing his good valuable job he is not not giving me appointment letter. Clerk taking bribe for giving further file up.Give me prejuistice.Taking action to giving my appointment.

  24. Respected Sir,

    I am resident of Ghaziabad Distt. Chiranjiv Vihar . Sir, conditions of streets in my locality are in bad shape and path holes are clearly visible here and there. I wrote to authorities about the situation several times but all my efforts are gone in vain.
    I hope with the new Govt. in state will take notice of this and yourselves has also announced that all the roads of the state will become with out path holes till 15th of June 2017
    I hope that condition of our locality will also changed from present position.
    Yours Citizen
    Rajneesh Suri

  25. Respected Yogi sir ,
    We are very happy to as a CM of Hindustani & Hindu religious because very long time person`s as cm in up very poor political approch & alway`s thay are support to cruption & castism it`s very dangers to Hindustan. we all are hope to you to neet & cleen with development in up & it` will achieve very soon.
    one things is that in our country dath & birth certificate is also getting too mmuch cost paying. officilas are demanding money to release birth & dath certificate so many examples so pl. give instruction to concern department to issue with in a week or two week as earlier as possible without delay in without donation. this is very samefull condition when some one lost from family & his son or wife go to for dath certificate then someone demand for money.
    pl. do some for small small issues to make a system to monitering for the same.

    MKS Noida

  26. This is very good however it should also be mandatory to know traffic rules especially for young children, guidelines and textbooks in school and for the license test.

  27. Respected CM- Sub: Illegal slaughterhouses in UP. The state government’s action is legal and correct . But the situation also calls for Relief & later Rehabilitation of effected families who come under the Poor category- and who are more or less like bonded labour of the wealthy owners .I have sent my suggestions to you by POST – kindly consider them . In sum – my suggestions is – as Relief – an occupational option should be urgently provided to the family . The most pragmatic answer is a 3 Wheeler that should be allotted to the WOMAN ( wife /mother) under the “family /Women Welfare” scheme . The vehicle should not be a free gift but should be on easy and long duration instalments . The Government’s initiative will be very welcome to all. Other suggestions are in the Note.Kind Regards – Ms S. Chauhan

  28. I Manish Katariya from harsao, near police line, Ghaziabad
    I had send you a photo of police line area on your email. It is very unhygienic nd roads are not properly constructed. It is dhuai sadarpur to mehroli road which should be a proper highway(four line road) but it is not constructed once nd has no way for traveling. Instead of traveling this areas is used as a garbage ground. So many times survey of this road had been done nd it is also passed by GDA ghaziabad 4 years ago but still it has not been constructed once.
    I request you to please have a watch on it nd take a helpful action on it.
    Thank you

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